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Team Sturm

Willkommen bei Team Sturm! Unsere Community und Kunden stehen bei allem, was wir tun, stets im Mittelpunkt. Eure Kommentare, Meinungen und Ideen prägen jede Entscheidung, die wir treffen. Teile mit uns deine Produkt-Bewertungen, zeig‘ uns welche Erfolge du mit unserer Hautpflege erzielt hast oder erzähl uns ganz einfach was ‚Self-Care‘ für dich bedeutet.

Wir freuen uns, dass du Teil unserer Sturm-Familie bist.

…My skin is healthier, happier and brighter than ever before. Thank you Barbara for creating this incredible range of products that suit everybody.


I recently made the switch to 100% Sturm products after my skincare consultation and I cannot believe the changes in my skin... My boyfriend actually looked at me the other day and told me he's never seen my skin look so beautiful! I'm a true believer in your products.


Your products have completely transformed my complexion. I feel more confident in my skin and am wearing less makeup than I ever have. Thank you!


You have taught me so much about not just the physical health of my skin, but mentally about it. Thank you thank you


My face is now completely clear not even one pimple thanks to adding the clarifying cream and mask…Thank you sooo very much for your amazing skincare products that have completely changed my skin


I just wanted to tell you my skin is doing very well, and is always feeling hydrated now! Pores don't seem to be as noticeable as well. So thank you so much for your advice, you are amazing!


The Face Cream Rich is the best skincare product I’ve ever put on in my life. My skin feels like a cloud…for the first time in ages my skin looks soft and pillowy and even.

Holly LaFon

I just wanted to say thank you for creating such an amazing product - the clarifying serum. It has helped tremendously with my acne and feels so good! Your products have really made my confidence go up.


Hyaluronic serum, face cream and hydrating mist are my favourites. Now and FOREVER. I only wish I had them 30 years ago when I was a flight attendant!



Teile mit uns deine Lieblings-Sturm-Momente. Benutz‘ dabei einfach das Hashtag #SturmGlow und markiere @drbarbarasturm. Vielleicht erscheinst du dann schon bald auf unseren sozialen Netzwerken.